Who are we?

Danie Hoo, the beginnings!

Danie began the adventure at door-to-door sales, then at Christmas markets, wandering around the pretty seaside resorts of the Côte d'Opale: Le Touquet, Hardelot... In her chalet, at -5°C, wrapped up in her turned sheep, she speaks with passion of the porcelain that she paints by hand, and believes in her dream: to open her own shop. Over the months, and after having put all her energy, customers are there, and are delighted with Made in France products. Also passionate about the world of jewellery, she creates and manufactures her collection of costume jewellery! Danie works with the materials she loves: leather, mother-of-pearl, moonstone, onyx...

A couple in love and creative...

Following her first successes, Danie surrounds herself with her husband Ben, to continue the adventure. They then leave their communication agency together, to fully embark on their new project! For her , an overflowing passion for porcelain painting and the creation of costume jewellery. For him , an unconditional love for graphics and merchandising! The opening of a first “L'Atelier” boutique was born in Sainte-Cécile, then a year later in Le Touquet! The brushstrokes punctuate the evolution of the company...

The Atelier becomes… Danie Hoo!

After having painted thousands of cups, plates and mugs, and developed the range of jewelry, Danie & Ben Hoo have a new dream: to continue to sublimate Women! They stop painting on porcelain, and embark on the world of women's ready-to-wear. The brand offers, in addition to the jewelry collections, a selection of women's clothing from size 34 to size 56. “L'Atelier” gives way to “Danie Hoo” to write the rest of the story! Their Baseline is kindly borrowed from the illustrious Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, the others are already taken”. Their dream? Accompany each woman to feel unique and beautiful! Pushing the door, you will discover a wide range of clothing and jewelry, carefully selected by Danie Hoo herself.

Danie Hoo, a family story above all!

At N'Hoo, it's the game of 7 families... Danie & Ben's son, Maxence Hoo , the eldest of the siblings, joined the adventure as Commercial Director. Also passionate about the world of Made in France, Max accompanies and trains each of the Sales Advisors in the store on a daily basis!
So don't be surprised when you're in the store, if you hear "Hello Max, I have a problem" or "Max, I can't cash in"!
Max is a bit like our "call a friend", always available to respond to emergencies!

We continue the game with Lou Hoo , Maxence's sister, and daughter of Ben & Danie (logical!). She joined the family business in early 2022, and you can't imagine the joy of our parents, Danie & Ben, when they received her application!
And yes, she had the nerve to send an unsolicited application to her own parents!
Lou takes care of recruitment, and is concerned with the daily well-being of Sales Advisors.
She also manages Danie Hoo's Marketing with her little sister...

... You guessed it, the family story doesn't stop there!

Constance Hoo , the little sister of Maxence & Lou (the number 3 in the siblings) also writes the story of Danie Hoo!
She takes care of the communication around the brand, but not only! Constance is multifunctional: one day Muse, the next day Sales Advisor, then also Graphic Designer and Communication Manager. Constance is beautiful, many of you write to us, but not only!
Endowed with an implacable kindness, and a certain taste for fashion, Constance is our daily nugget. His precious gaze brings us freshness and youth!

Danie Hoo, the story continues!

Danie Hoo arrives over the years in Lille (in 2014), Hardelot (in 2018), Stella (in 2019), Calais (in 2020), Wimereux (in 2020), Lens (in 2021) and the youngest in Saint- Omer, in March 2022! The team is growing, and sales consultants are added to the story: Virginie, Corinne, Sandrine, Coraline, Justine, Corine, Pascale, Audrey, Claudie, Noémie, Marjorie... all passionate about fashion, and customer advice! We can't wait to write the next chapters of the story with you, and above all, don't forget...

Be yourself, the others are already taken!

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