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Daniel Hoo

Discover the inspiring story of Danie and Ben, a couple who started out selling door-to-door to become successful women's fashion entrepreneurs. Their fashion jewelry and women's ready-to-wear business, once known as "L'Atelier", has now become "Danie Hoo".

This family business now has several shops in the region, thanks to the active help of their children Maxence, Lou and Constance.

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Clio Blue

Clio Blue is a French jewelry brand founded in 1981 by Marie-Hélène Spitzer. The brand is known for its silver creations and original designs. It offers jewelry for women and men.

Danie Hoo works with Clio Blue because of his admiration for this brand since its creation, which embodies elegance. As a token of her attachment to the brand, Danie received the Bernadette watch from Ben as a gift at Constance's birth.

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Photo bagues plaque or


Danie chose to collaborate with a foundry 10 years ago to offer a range of 925 silver, rhodium silver and gold-plated jewelry of exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Danie's selection makes it possible to offer high quality, durable and elegant jewelry that meets the expectations of its most demanding customers.

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